Amy’s Anxiety and The Tub

(Oh how I wish this post was about ice cream…..)

May 9, 2018:


Here I am awake at 11:27pm.

You’re like…uhhhhh, and?

Well, I am usually in extreme super sleep right now, because sleep and I are tight.  We have a very good relationship.  Amy + Sleep = BFFs.


(Backstory:  We have had some issues since the “new people” moved in next door a while back.  Tub filling up when we shower, or slow draining, etc.  Superintendent has been in, put magic potion in the drains. Drains get back to happy. Yay!  As a backup, I also have been trying to keep happy drains by continuing to use our hair catchers – because two girls and hair – and the occasional magic potion when the slow drain reappeared.)

8:30pm:  Person I birthed has shower.  Advises tub filled to ankles.  Mother is exhausted so waits until she goes to brush teeth to check tub.

9:30:  Tub still full of water.  Mother aggravated.

Mother is so goddamn exhausted and thinks “I cannot do this right now”, and tries to sleep. She can’t. Because anger and anxiety.

So, Mother searches for any other solution as it is getting late and doesn’t want to bug Superintendent. Nothing works.

So – mentally ill Mother gets mentally ill Daughter and we begin scooping water out of tub and putting it down bathroom sink.  Notice water coming into tub.  Girl child goes: uh, is that grass?  Is that a leaf?  (I kid you not).

I am ANGRY.  What in the actual fuck are you doing over there you idiots that live next door?

Writes note to Superintendent. Puts in special slot beside Superintendent’s door.

Starts planning curse to put on next door neighbours.

Brain is in overdrive.

May never sleep again.

(Well, okay, I probably will sleep, but it will be horrible sleep and I’ll be cranky because my tub will probably still have water/crud in it tomorrow morning – rawr!!!)

Okay, now it’s 11:44.  I decide I better try and sleep before tomorrow.

Does get to sleep.

May 10, 2018:

Wakes up at usual time.


I would put a pic in, but gag.

So, I baby wipe bathe and get ready for work.

I am a rage ball today and am now constructing a text to my Superintendent.

I apologize in advance for all of my feelings today that may come forth as anger towards those I adore.

Ummmmm, Happy Thursday?!?!


6 thoughts on “Amy’s Anxiety and The Tub

  1. Mom

    Stick of dynamite should work, may clear the entire building but no more plugged drain! You should be getting a rent decrease this month. Hang in there girl.


  2. This is terrible! TERRIBLE!

    Not that you need any more pressure, but what are they going to *DO* about it? OMG! So yucky!!

    You deserve a bathtub full of ice cream, Amy! I hope this gets resolved this week.


    1. Amy L.

      They were able to get things “sorted” and it took quite a bit of manoeuvring on each side. Ugh. Going home to eat ice cream very soon!! xo

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