Not Racing…On Purpose

As most of you know, I am taking this year off from racing. It wasn’t an easy decision and I went back and forth with it, until my body finally had enough, and yelled STOP!

I am staying away from everything race related this year (well, I’m going to try) because I just need to.

Do I miss it? Fuck yes.

I am usually nearing the end of a training cycle right now, as the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon (my usual spring half) is during our May long weekend.

It has been weird, BUT…

I have been working on my muscle imbalances.

I am getting the rest I really need, physically and mentally. When racing and training starts messing with your head, it’s time to step back.

I am still running, and it’s starting to become something I enjoy again (thanks to my awesome BRF).

I am slowly getting my weight training back into my schedule, and I am considering looking at some PT sessions this summer to amp this up.

I deleted my Garmin account (THE HORROR!) and I am using my Apple Watch to track my fitness.

AND: There are days I do nothing fitness related.

I admit that I was afraid of taking this year off.

I was soooo scared of what may happen (read: freaked that I may not run AT ALL and not miss it).

But now that I am 4 months in, I’m okay.

Will I race next year? Don’t know.

But if I don’t, it’s okay. Racing does not define who I am as a runner.

That was my internal struggle. That is what I had to come to terms with. I don’t HAVE to race to call myself a runner.

Racing is a such a personal thing. I loved racing to see where I could push myself physically and mentally.

Once it becomes about other things, it’s no longer fun.

So, for now, I am going to continue to enjoy my running on the track, road, and on the trails.

See you out there fellow runners 🙂


4 thoughts on “Not Racing…On Purpose

  1. I fully support your decision to cut yourself some slack and just get back to enjoying running for the sake of running. 😊 OF COURSE you don’t have to race to call yourself a runner…you’re a runner because you run — period.

    Don’t ever apologize for taking care of yourself, mkay? 😘

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