Facing Myself…Head On

There has been a lot going lately.

I can’t share all of it, but I will share this:

I drove out to the ocean on Saturday to think. I do some of my best thinking by the water.

It was cold, but beautiful.

The waves.

The spotty sunshine.

I was taking time to SEE what was around me.

A Canada Goose greeted me on my arrival, and was quite chatty before he/she flew off. (As a side note, I saw another at a bend in the road on my way home. This may have meaning, but not sure.)

I realized, once I found my favourite spot to sit, that I am keeping myself bogged down by so many things/feelings/expectations.

By keeping myself bogged down I am not moving forward.

Bit by bit, I am unloading myself of burdens that are no longer mine. I cannot steep in bitterness, nor can I keep blaming myself for things that are out of my control.

I made mental notes of things I wanted to do, and am taking time to write them down. I may just keep a journal (non specific) so I can refer back to these things at a later date.

Taking strict expectations off of myself. I am embracing all of me – faults and all.

I am shedding my skin.

Be kind world.

Be kind.


4 thoughts on “Facing Myself…Head On

  1. Nicole (@bnzmama on Twitter)

    Hit me right in the feels, this one. I hear you a million times over. I do the very same thing that you do – I go to the most remote area by the sea I can find and sit in silence alone. The crashing waves and the sea spray pulls the negativity out of me… the stuff deep deep down that I push away in hopes it will magically fix itself. I usually cry hard, the sound of those waves drags the tears out and I really truly feel it refreshes my soul and gets me ready to start again.

    The sea lets me get back to me. It truly does set me free.

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  2. This resonated with me.

    I feel like there are things I’ve been avoiding lately…deep things that I don’t necessarily want to face…hoping that it will fix itself. You’re really brave for facing this. For now, I think I’m going to continue to hide.


    1. Amy L.

      I was SO SCARED. I’ve been sitting on so much for so long. If I didn’t face it down I think it would have swallowed me whole. You’ll know when your time is right ❤️


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