So Many Things

When I am coming out of a depressive episode, it’s like a slow sunrise after an overnight storm.

I am never sure how long I’ll have before the next descent, so I am soaking in every moment I can. Saving good memories for the next fog filled vortex.

I’ve been running with my BRF Kara these past two Sundays. It’s been quite a while since we’ve laced up together. We decided on “let’s move ‘x’ kms – running/walking, as long as we are moving” as our plan.

It’s been working great. We run/walk/chat and get our track time in. It’s been great therapy. So thankful for her. She’s seen me at one of my lowest moments, and helped me start moving again.

Super bonus to starting over: my calves are not sore!!!

My quads, hammies, and glutes on the other hand, are……aware, lol.

This is the culmination of a well needed break and some awesome folks giving me the tools I needed to get my body back in balance (Thank you Lifemark SMU and CGC).

Coming out of the fog has given me a renewed outlook on some things. I am really looking at what is important to me. Really thinking about what I can do without: things, places, people (harsh, but true).

I need to harness this moment. Do what I can while I am “good”, so when it’s “bad” I have the right people and things around me.

There is a lot of unknown in my life right now.

So much unknown.

So many things I can’t control.

It’s okay.

Taking it day by day is where I’m at.


2 thoughts on “So Many Things

  1. Oh thank goodness! (I really do think that WP is day drinking today.)

    I am glad you are seeing a bit of light. I suspect that’s why the Universe decided to give you a wee plague. *hugs* This too shall pass.

    I am so happy your blog exists! (You, too, of course!) 😀

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    1. Amy L.

      It is totally day drinking 😉.

      I am choosing to see myself as a cute baby seal *bark bark*, lol.

      I am super happy that you (and your blog) exist too!! ❤️

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