It’s Not Always A Choice

I wake up every day and check in with whatever emotion is at the top of the list.

I acknowledge it.

If I can, I ride it out. I am more willing nowadays to face what I am feeling and accept it.

This doesn’t work for everyone, and I acknowledge that.

I believe that accepting how I feel gives me the power to ride whatever wave comes at me.

I can’t choose every day to be happy. My brain isn’t wired that way.

I wanted to believe this very much after I was first diagnosed with depression. That I could choose my emotions each day. I drowned myself in motivational memes and quotes.

It became exhausting, deciding/choosing to be happy, because I really wasn’t. I wanted to be. I just couldn’t force it. I couldn’t motivational quote/meme myself into happiness.

I’ve been living with my diagnosis for almost 7 years now. Medicated twice.

I’ve learned what works for me. This illness is a very individual thing. What works for one person may not work for another.

I embrace my good days and ride out the bad.

Find what works for you and embrace it. Know that it may not work for someone else.

Support each other.

Be kind.

Realize it’s not always a choice, and that’s okay.


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