Starting Over…Again

So, if you’ve been following along lately, you have been witness to my roller coaster, love/hate relationship with my fitness.

Having multiple injuries and running through them made my body go full stop.

Reality Check: I needed to stop.

I needed to reassess my body.

I needed a break.

Running through my injuries hell bent on finishing up a season took its toll on me not only physically, but mentally as well.

Not taking time to seriously work on the muscle weakness in my body just made it harder.

What I loved doing became something I was beginning to despise. I was associating it with pain.

It was becoming mentally exhausting to get myself motivated to run. To move. So different from the feelings I associated with my running. There was no more joy.

After taking a little break from everything, I took some time this weekend to think about what this year would look like for me.

It’s still a little up in the air right now, but I took the first step today. One minute plank.

Tomorrow will be step 2. I will decide whatever step that is when I wake up, lol.

Baby steps.