Contemplating 2018


So as I sit and mellow out for the next little while, I am contemplating my “plan” for 2018.

2017 has been a weird roller coaster ride.  Running, injuries, body imbalances, Mom and TeenThing madness and general chaos.

I have given myself some time off from running, as I needed to work on a few things.  Hoping to start on fresh feet in 2018 and get back to enjoying my running, instead of seeing it as something I have to work into my schedule.

Running was my go to for joy, and giving myself some time away from any regular running has me missing it.  So I am happy that that is the case.  Otherwise I’d have some serious thinking to do, lol.

I have a virtual run to do this week, and would love to do some snow running….we just need the snow to stick around here 😉

One thing I am sticking to is my plan of no race registration for 2018 (THIS HAS BEEN SO FRIGGING HARD!).  My muscle imbalances are a big reason for my injuries and my frustration.  I need to take care of me.

As always, when approaching a new year I always have hope that it will be full of awesomeness.  How that awesomeness comes my way I really don’t mind.  I just always try to be thankful for things I have.  This isn’t always easy, but I try my best.

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Hold those you love close.

Take some time to unplug and just enjoy the world around you.

Practice self care.

Remember that NO ONE is perfect.  We don’t have to be.  It is the imperfections that make us individuals.

Do not conform.  Be loud.

Be you.

No regrets.

I hope your new year brings you much awesomness, in all shapes and forms.

I hope to share my re surge of running love in the coming year 🙂





4 thoughts on “Contemplating 2018

  1. Love this! I only raced once this year, and pretty much nothing in 2016. injuries. And while it sucked at some level, it was good to just focus on getting better and remembering why I got into running in the first place. Hard to do when all I saw on social media was bling and PR’s and all that. I hope you find your peace with it this year!

    As for self-care – thank you for the reminder. I am so busy *doing* that I haven’t been doing much self-care. it’s so important, and yet I put it at the bottom of my priorities! So thank you for this.

    Wishing you the best for this year, and hope the rollercoaster evens out and it’s smooth (ish?) sailing!

    Blessings and happy holidays!


    1. Amy L.

      Blessings and Happy Holidays to you Paul! Thanks for being an awesome Tweeple. Self care has been lacking here big time. Need to change that. We can commiserate as non racers as often as needed, lol. Hugs to you and yours 🙂


  2. Virjinia

    Sometimes we just need to take care of ourselves to be stronger runners! I think 2017 was a building year for me. I did three races but I trained in 2016 for one so it didn’t really count. I had some major muscle imbalances in my legs that led to a whole slew of problems. Once I got all that under control, I am a stronger runner now. Take time to work on yourself. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!


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