And Then There Were Two

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My apple, she fell and bounced into a tree similar to her momma.

My smart and funny TeenThing was diagnosed with depression and anxiety this week.

This journey started a while back, and we had to go through a process of elimination (two rounds of birth control pills over the past couple of years) to be able to say that it wasn’t hormone related.

Like her mother, she is very good at hiding some of her symptoms.  In preparation for the appointment with our family physician I had her write down everything, as she would have to share it so we could get a proper diagnosis.

I told her that she didn’t HAVE to tell me everything before we went, but she did have to tell the doctor.  She was articulate, clear, and brave.

It’s been hard to keep myself from saying “you should do x, or y”.  To remind myself that mental illness is a very individual beast.

I’ve compartmentalized alot.  My focus now is on being there for her as we navigate her trial of medication and set her up with all the tools she will need to keep to a normal schedule so that she doesn’t hibernate.

I am proud of her for asking for help.  Proud of how strong and brave she is.

So, for now, we’ll take it day by day.


4 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

  1. Thank you for sharing. She sure is brave to seek help and you are a pretty amazing mamma helping her by figuring it out together and not trying to diagnose or treat her yourself.


  2. I think you are a really amazing (AMY-zing!) Mom. It took a lot for you to let her find her path and to just be there to guide her along. Going so slow is hard, but so important. Not projecting is sooooo hard! You deserve a medal.

    I think you are both so brave to share your story and you know I think you’re pretty great generally speaking. 😉


    1. Amy L.

      Thank you my friend. It has been a journey. I am thankful I was able to get out and laugh with you for an evening. Your invitation was a Godsend!! xo

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