Running – For Me

My last “official” race of 2017 was the Valley Harvest 5k.

It was a warm day.  I had a head cold.  I managed 30 minutes and I was happy 😃

I chose Valley Harvest because of the beautiful scenery in Wolfville…..and the blanket.

Taking all expectation off of myself has given me back some of the joy I was missing when I ran.  The shorter distances have been a blessing as well.  My body was hungry for a break.

Last weekend was a fun run to support Feed Nova Scotia at the Canada Games Centre.  It was a beautiful day, and a great turnout.

I ran with a couple of my running peeps from the neighbourhood and we had a great run!  Plus, there was pie, Starbucks, and Booster Juice at the end 🙂

I’ve run a couple of days this week during my lunch hour, and I felt great.  It’s bringing me back to the start.  My lunch runs are 3k and it’s the perfect distance.  I can get away from my desk, get the rush, and burn off some steam.

I am finding my balance.

Finding the joy.

Running for me.