Where Things Sit

A very happy me (a sick me, lol) after a wonderful 5k at the Valley Harvest Marathon Weekend in Wolfville.

As I sit here and type this post, it is Thanksgiving Monday in Canada.

We had a great turkey feast yesterday, after a very early morning traveling so I could run a 5k at the 25th Anniversary of the Valley Harvest Marathon.

I have a lingering head cold, and was thankful I felt well enough to run this beautiful course.

I have one more run this season, the Food Run to support Feed Nova Scotia next weekend here in my neighbourhood.

After having a great run yesterday in Wolfville, part of me started to question my decision to take a break from racing next year (I say this as I think…”well, maybe a few 5ks wouldn’t be so bad”, or “well, maybe some trail running would be better for me”, lol).  As runners we push ourselves to our physical and mental limits.  We question why we do this to ourselves as we run, but then bask in the afterglow.

Running has always been cathartic for me.  I see things differently after a run.  It gives me a fresh perspective on things.  It connects me to my inner peace.

The reality of the situation is this:  my body is out of balance.  My weak muscles are the ones that need to be strong, and my strong muscles are making up for the weak.  This is why I need to dial back and work on the imbalances.

Mentally I need the break from the constant pressure I put myself under.  No one is harder on me, than me.  Trust me on that.

The running community is a great source of support for me.  I can draw strength and ask for advice.  They do not judge.  They seek to understand and offer advice. I am grateful for that.  They see my back and forth as a struggle to do what’s right for me and my need to lace up and head out.

I am truly looking forward to working on myself, taking the time to figure out my body at 45 years old, and find out what it is truly capable of.

So, you’ll still see me out on the road, but you’ll also see me in the gym.  It’s part of the mind/body relationship I’ve ignored for too long.

This is where things sit, and I’m really okay with it 🙂

Hoping you’ll continue to come along with me to see where my running will take me down this fork in the road.