Scotland Adventure Part 3 (#2): When TeenThing Got Sick

TeenThing was a trooper. Even with the head cold.

Usually it’s me.  I either get the head cold at the end of a trip, or right when I get back (Spoiler:  I got sick too, lol).

It was TeenThing’s turn this time.  The first day she really started feeling it was a gorgeous sunny day.  I really didn’t want to stay inside all day, so after popping down to the pharmacy and gathering an arsenal of cold meds, I hoofed it back to the house and suggested a walk along the Water of Leith Walkway.

Once she was sufficiently medicated and fed, we began our journey.  It was a 10 minute walk to the spot where we could hop on, so enough time for us to see if TeenThing was really up for the trek.

She was 🙂

What a hidden gem!  This is a definite must do if you ever get to Edinburgh.  We walked to Dean Village and back, took us about 2 hours.

Murrayfield Stadium. No games while we were there, booo.

Here we go!
“Mom, take a picture of me!”

Dean Village

There she goes.
Another serious “trip selfie”.

So pretty

Could have walked for hours. So beautiful.

We could have walked further, but we didn’t pack snacks (oooops).

The next day was cloudy and cool.  TeenThing was feeling a little rough, but she agreed to a trip into town to check out the National Gallery.

Rooms and rooms of art.  So many serious people in there sitting and staring at all of the paintings and sculptures.

We wandered and took in all of the art.  Some of the paintings were HUGE.  It was difficult getting photos.

The Campbell Sisters

So serious in here….
Man with Jawbone (this is the title, seriously)
Cain and Abel

Creepy Chair
Creepy Monk Statues
More subtle “trip selfie”, lol.

I was glad I didn’t have our time in Scotland fully planned, as it was good to have some downtime for TeenThing to get better.  It was nice to have a couple of low key days.

After we had spent our time exploring the Gallery, we took the tram back to the house where we chilled for the rest of the day.

By the time our next adventure rolled around, TeenThing was feeling better 🙂

Coming up:  Western Highlands!