Home Stretch – Half Marathon Training

My “GO AWAY SNOW” face 🙂

So here we are.

6ish weeks out from the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon Weekend.

Luckily, most of the snow in that photo from last Sunday’s long run is gone now.

It sure was pretty though.

Things have been chaotic lately.  Trying to get in each run means that most times I am writing my kms down in my journal and not tracking electronically.  No big.  My Garmin has been on for the long runs.  It will get fully charged tomorrow and will be used for each run from this point on.

Cross training is ramping up.  Big push is on.  I am back to using Honey Stingers as fuel in addition to my Nuun.  As much as I love the Clif Bar last year, it was too clunky, and I am trying to streamline this year.

This will be my last half at the Bluenose.  So whether I PB or not, I won’t be running this distance in 2018 at home.

I have two more scheduled races this year.   I may add more smaller distances after my summer trip overseas for two weeks.   My next long distance is a 15km trail race during Maritime Race Weekend 🙂  This is a new distance and I am super excited to run in its inaugural year !

My calves?

They are behaving.

So far 😉