My Life as a Single Mom: The Mom Brain

A Mom and her TeenThing

I can probably get a shirt that says “Permanent Mom Brain”.

Working, raising a child, avoiding the rabbit hole of depression, and trying to fit in my running/fitness takes up most of my time.  The blog has suffered a little bit lately because of this juggling act.

I have had many ideas for posts.  I have sat down to write a draft so I could have it saved and get back to it.  DISTRACTION.  No writing.

Let’s be real, this applies to my life in general.  I have, over the years, gone from one room to the other with full intention of “doing the thing”.  Insert phone call, child, other random thought, on my way to the other room.  I’ve lost the whole “doing the thing”.

Why was I walking into this room?

What was so important that I had to come here?

What’s my name?


You’d think keeping physically active would magically sort everything out.


I can think I have my shit sorted out on a run.  All of life’s problems are solved (hahahaha) during this time by myself.

I’ll get home and forget about 80% of my solutions.

(This is so much worse on my “bad days”.  On those days, I am just happy I remember to put on pants.)

Then people say “put it in your phone”.

I’ve tried, but the red circles distract me and I automatically check out my notifications.


I’m pretty sure it has gotten worse over the past few years (thank you hormones).

I even went and bought paper agendas.  I have an agenda for regular life, and one for my running life.

I was like:  “Hell Yeah!  Look out world I am coming for you!!  Take that Mom Brain!”

But let’s be honest, I still can’t remember to write half of my shit down.

So, I’ll just continue to wander through my life, content in knowing that at some point, I’ll know why I went into the other room AND what I am going to do there.