Races, Brain Melts, and the Return of the FitBit


Began 2017 on the right foot.  Let's hope I don't injure anything, lol.
Began 2017 on the right foot. Let’s hope I don’t injure anything, lol.


So over the holidays I decided that I seriously needed to keep moving this year.  Not just for my physical health, but for my mental health.  I sat and muddled about a fall half marathon.  I wanted something close to home (because I am without my own vehicle, and would need to acquire one for long distance travel) and fun.

I ended up choosing the Half at Maritime Race Weekend.

Here is the elevation for MRW Half :)
Here is the elevation for MRW Half 🙂

I did the Tartan Twosome there last year (5ks) and really enjoyed the atmosphere and all the goodies offered post race.  Also, the views in Eastern Passage are amazing!

Also, I purchased a Believe Journal over the holidays.  SUPER EXCITED.

Plan Amy, plan.
Plan Amy, plan.

I am ramping up to start training for the BlueNose Half Marathon shortly and have been writing in my journal daily.  I should be receiving my plan soon and am looking forward to getting back on the training train 😉

You said Brain Melts?

Oh yes, brain melts.

Once I had registered and started to plan out my races, I had a brain melt.

Then panic.

What had I done?!?!?

I am usually a one big race and then all the smaller distances to keep me moving.

I did not get the kms in that I wanted my first week and by the weekend, it caught up with me:  work, life, running, KERSMASH.

I had an anxiety moment.  A brain melting, bugs crawling on my skin, flight (not fight), moment.

I’m good now, but it was yuck.

And now, let’s talk about the FitBit.

I Thought You Divorced Your FitBit?

I did.

We recently made up, for now.  I put my step goal down to 8,000 and joined a challenge.

Results from first full week:  I can’t do challenges.  It still ramps up my brain and makes me super anxious.

But I decided to still wear it.  If anything I can see my sleep patterns and make sure I do get up and move around (she says as she sits and types, lol).

It gives me some motivation to be active, and see lovely sights such as this on my lunch hour:

Halifax Waterfront
Halifax Waterfront

That is what’s been happening here in the land of Amy so far in 2017.  Come back around soon, as we get ready to document the Odyssey that is my life and how I am going to manage 2 Half Marathons and my brain!


9 thoughts on “Races, Brain Melts, and the Return of the FitBit

  1. I divorced my Fitbit so much I gave them to my brother & sister in law as a Christmas gift. They showed some interest in it. I’m a gadget free runner and I appreciate it, if I want to go forever I can without beeps and alarms.

    I’m un clear are you doing the tartan twosome or just the half? I’m doing the twosome 5X2 again! Was thinking 5/10k but backed down and may not do a 10k this year or I’ll revenge my hometown 10k? That’s next months (February) race registration, my valentines gift!


    1. Amy L.

      I am just doing the half. As much as I would love to do the Tartan Twosome again, sleep and rest the day before is a big thing for me. The FitBit tracks my sleep well, so that is my main use.


  2. Marriage counselling is a good thing. 😉

    I 100% understand how the Fitbit can be counterproductive. Competing with only yourself – or not even – is so perfect.

    I mean, what the heck are we doing all of this for anyway, right? You have to do what works best for you.

    I took my band off at the end of summer and really didn’t wear it again until January 1. No pressure. It’s just another tool, right? I am joining challenges, but everything comes with a large grain of salt with the words “low and slow” ingrained.

    I hold firm, for me, baby steps are the way to go.

    My new favourite quote: “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” (Honest Abe)

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    1. Amy L.

      I do love that it tracks my sleep. Sleep is very very important, especially with my training this year. I lowered my daily step goal so I wouldn’t go bonkers. It seems to be working well for me right now. And baby steps rock! Wooooooo!!!!

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