I’m Pretty Much Tired


Tired of people minimizing mental illness.

Tired of looking at memes about how a celebrity is not worthy of compassion because he doesn’t have cancer, or some other potentially fatal disease (you know what one I am talking about my Canuck friends).

Here’s the kicker folks, mental illness can be a fatal disease.  If you have never experienced mental illness, have never been in that place where you question whether or not you are worthy to continue to live; never sat and contemplated killing yourself because you are such a burden to those that love and support you, then f*@k off.  You don’t get it.

I only suffer from depression and anxiety.  I say only because there are other scary mental illnesses out there like bipolar illness and schizophrenia.

I get it, I do.  I can find myself caught up in the celeb bashing, because it’s human nature.  You can’t have nice without the not so nice.  Nature needs the balance.

(And yes, I can hear you now.  I use humour to get through my rough days.  When I was choosing the name for my blog I wanted it to reflect the chaos of my life.)

We are losing our compassion for one another.  We have become so jaded because people are famous for just being a Kardashian, or a Hilton, or the child of a famous celeb parent.  Do I think they should be famous?  No.  Do I enjoy Kanye’s music?  No.  But these are human beings, just like you and me.

I am trying every day to have more compassion, to try and stop myself from jumping the gun on making quick judgment of someone, to just stop being so awful.

It’s hard.  Hard as hell.  But if I don’t stop being part of the problem, there won’t be room for me to be part of the solution.


4 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Much Tired

  1. I think many people have challenges when it comes to compassion for celebrities. I saw the post you are talking about and and my first thought was more about respect for both in the meme but understanding that we don’t know what’s really going on in their lives.

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    1. Amy L.

      I agree Anna. It’s a horrible meme all around. We only see the public part of their lives. We have no idea of the suffering behind closed doors.

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