Remembering Who I Am

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.

I wanted to wait until I was “situated” in my “new home” to do so.

I’ve moved the blog from one platform to another.  So feel free to let me know what works and what doesn’t work!  Feedback is appreciated while I continue to tweak some things 🙂

TeenThing has a job and is working.  She is finding her way and I need to find mine again.  I’ve been a mom for so long I forgot who I am, lol.  So now I begin the whole process of “Finding Amy” and remembering what it is that I want to do with my free time (this is outside of running, lol, that I got covered).

In other news, I have been slowly getting my physical fitness back.  Early morning yoga and HITT workouts have been keeping me going until I rejig my gym schedule and get some classes/swimming/track time figured out.

Half Marathon training begins full force in January.  I will be running inside and outside this year.  So when it’s full on bitey wind and bitey snow, I will be at the Canada Games Centre busting up the track.  A nice option to have this year, lol.

I should be back to regular posts this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled, I have LOTS of stuff to share!




4 thoughts on “Remembering Who I Am

  1. Amy, you’re stronger with each passing step day and event! I’m glad to be a fan of your new home! I’ve been with WordPress since August 2014. It’s easy enough to navigate through and put content out there. Your fello fan and runner CharFlew


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