When Life Gives You…..Shingles

Yes, You Are Reading That Correctly

Pic courtesy of Bitmoji 🙂

This is NOT an “old people” thing.
Your risk of complications increases over the age of 70.
TeenThing had them when she was 10/11 years old.
They appeared on the right hand side of my stomach, just across from my hip bone, just over a week ago.
At first, I though something had bitten me in my sleep, as I discovered them within an hour of waking.  I stripped my bed looking for the culprit.  NOTHING.
They were itchy, and warm.  So I took a picture and sent it off to my mother.  She told me I needed to get to the doctor, because it looked like shingles.  So off I went.
My doctor (she was on duty at the walk-in clinic, yay!) confirmed that I did indeed have shingles.  She wrote me a prescription, which I filled (and started taking) right away.
Now, before this happened, I thought I was getting a chest cold.  A day or two before that I had a sty in my eye.
Those shingle things were itchy and burning.  They also “tingled”, like electric shocks.  I, thankfully, did not have much pain.  I was very, very fatigued.

Everything came to a grinding halt



My training had to stop.
I had to rest.
I had to try and bring down the stress levels.
(I know what you are all thinking: Exercise is supposed to eliminate stress.  It does.  But sometimes you are burning the candle at both ends and you are blind to it.  As a single mom I can sometimes get tunnel vision thinking I can do it all, when I can’t.)
I am still following the group I was training with on Running Moms.  Still watching the running form videos.  Still downloading my workouts and the meal plans.  Carey’s HIIT workouts and running workouts were really showing me what I was neglecting in my training.  This is going to come in handy for the rest of my running season and when I start my half marathon training in January.
For now, I am slowly going to work my workouts back into my day.  Being on vacation for two weeks is going to make this easier 😉
So, anyone else out there had shingles?