Week 1 With a Coach and a Plan – Not Dead Yet!

Holy Crap I Am Still Alive…

Also, still able to walk.  Hahaha.

I received my workouts for the week late last Sunday eve.

HIIT workouts with running workouts, a rest day, and a cross training day.

What I loved about the HIIT workouts is that I could adjust to my level of fitness.  I chose to do modified push-ups on the floor.

My speed workout was a killer.  I live where there are hills EVERYWHERE.  Some of my sprints were UPHILL, lol.

I tried to do my HIIT workouts in the morning as our weather has been hot and humid. 

I slept in Friday.  Hot sweaty mess after supper workout.  Blargh.  No more sleeping in 😉

Being accountable to a coach and a group of people works well for me.  I made sure my workouts were done each day.
I took my rest day on Thursday (it was supposed to be Saturday) as my muscles were sore.  Carey was glad that I was listening to my body and totally endorsed the rest day on Thursday.  I am feeling the muscles I was definitely neglecting, even with my gym workouts.
Saturday’s workout was a pyramid (5 min warmup – then x2 of each one fast and one regular pace -> 1 minute , 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute).  This is what I was supposed to do on Thursday.  I really enjoyed this run.  It was hard, but I felt really good and aware of my running, my form, etc.
I was asked to track my food for a couple of days.  I used My Fitness Pal for this, which I used during my half marathon training earlier this year.  I learned then that I was not eating enough during my training.  This time I also made note of what made me feel good and what made me feel not so good.  (I still ate my feelings a couple of times, lol.)
Today was cross training day.  After I watched the Olympic Women’s Marathon I did some yoga for 30 minutes.  I was tight for sure, lol.  Felt really good afterwards though.
I was given a meal plan for the week ahead.  Can’t wait to see how I feel after this week is over with different fuel for my run 🙂
Being aware of my body and being told every day to be aware of my body is really making a difference.  I don’t ignore pain, I am noticing the muscle groups I am neglecting and focusing on my plan.
I am currently awaiting my workout plan for next week and I am super exicted!
If I am still alive next week, you’ll be seeing another post, lol.
If you went from doing your own thing to a coach, what differences did you notice?  Let me know!