August: Training, a Plan and a Coach!

Yes, You’ve Read That Post Title Correctly 😉

Last week I signed up for a 5 Day Faster Stronger Challenge at Running Moms.  Carey is a physiotherapist and running coach looking to get moms into badass running shape with her programs.  Last week was HIIT, strides, hills, core and just straight up running 🙂   (Want to try a few of her HIIT workouts?  She has 3 of them, FREE, right here:  3 Simple HIIT Workouts)

I did my strides on the indoor track at the Canada Games Centre.

I did this HIIT at home with TeenThing.  It kicked our butts!
Carey is super supportive and was ready to answer any of our questions in the challenge (there was a Facebook page for us to talk/vent/share our experiences).  Her workouts are made to fit into a busy mom’s schedule (she IS a mom, so she gets how hectic we can be!) She even had a quick Q&A with a nutritionist who gave us tips for what to eat before and after a run.  Carey also has a Running Moms Facebook page (you can sign up for free through her website) where we can post our successes, our not so good days and get support.

I am now signed up for Carey’s 28 Day Faster Stronger Challenge.
This challenge starts tomorrow and I am super excited!  I am ready to have someone tell me what to do, lol.  This Challenge comes with a workout/running plan, nutrition plan and Good Form Running Series.  
As a runner, I am stubborn and will not always fall back on my own personal training knowledge.  
I am sometimes also less inclined to kick my own ass, lol.  
I really needed something to push me (wisely) to get over my current running/training plateau.  I have two back to back 5km races in September (Maritime Race Weekend – WOOHOOO!) and this was the perfect avenue to amp up my fitness.
Having a plan set out for me and knowing what I will need to eat each week will make my life so much easier! 
So, the road to a faster and stronger me starts tomorrow.
Stay tuned for my weekly updates, I will be sharing everything here on the blog!!