Why I Will Sometimes Run Tech Free

I Get Caught Up.

In looking at my Garmin.
Checking my pace.
How much time has passed.
How far I’ve gone (and sometimes I have not even hit 1km before I am looking down).
When the anxiety kicks in I get caught up in things that are out of my control:  the weather, my body, etc.

FitSnap works for my tech free post run pics 🙂
I forget why I am out on the road.
I get concerned with things that steer me away from what I love: that feeling you get when it’s just you and the road.  The early morning air.  The feeling of awareness.  Seeing things you may not see later on in the day.  Deer, muskrats, herons.
Being able to work out your issues before you start work, look after your family, or just kick back and enjoy the day.
Running tech free takes the expectation off of myself, I don’t log much in my apps or onlineTo me it defeats the purpose.  I started out running as an addition to my workout routine and loved it.  When I can recapture that feeling, it charges me back up again.
Then I remember Garmin/Strava/Social Media are tools, and not definitions of who I am as a runner.
Let’s face it, I don’t want my most favourite tools to end up like my FitBit.