My Love/Hate Relationship with June

The Month, Not a Person

The month where summer starts.
We (kind of) get warmer weather.
Kids are gearing up for their summer vacation.
Everything is in full bloom.
The month I was diagnosed with a mental illness 5 years ago.
The month I was lost.
The month I broke down.

Photo courtesy of the American Psychological Association

Every year I mull this over.  Awful, right?
Yes and no.
I take time to try and remember the signs.  I want to remember so that I never forget.  Knowing the signs reminds me of how I felt before I broke down.  This is important.  If I remember then I know when I need help.
That being said, there are times that I have a bad day.  As someone with a mental illness, I can say that I worry about that day becoming the next.  And so on.
This is where Anxiety is a big jerk.  This is when I take some Ativan.

But you’ve said in the past that movement is medicine.

Yes, it is.
But sometimes moving itself is a struggle.
Every day is different and it is on the days I DON’T want to move that I struggle to move the most.  Getting out of bed, getting dressed are sometimes the biggest ones.
Making sure I keep moving is why I have been signing up for more races.  Having a goal, a target, works best for me.  Keeps me moving forward.

“The Plan” to keep moving.

I have signed up to do Maritime Race Weekend in September to give me a month to work on my 5k pace after Epic Canadian 10k on Canada Day.
Will be looking for an October/November Race of a smallish distance and will probably end off the year with the Resolution Run.
After those races, I can plan for 2017.  No half in the spring though, lol.  Will save that for the fall.  Smaller distances so winter training isn’t so daunting 😉
What does your race calendar look like until December?