Post Half Marathon Chaos and My Next Race

It seems like forever since my Half Marathon

I recovered.

I took some time off from running.  (Work and family stuff has kept me busy over the past little while.)

Celebrated my Dad’s 65th Birthday in Cape Breton with a big feast at my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Boularderie.

Then once I got home and settled, I sat down and thought about races.
Not having anything to train for put me in a little bit of a funk.  Not unusual really.  But I forgot that feeling.  I had to take a step back because it took me by surprise and freaked me out a little bit.  Feeling that way makes me afraid I am getting sick again.  Once I was able to figure out that it wasn’t my illness creeping back in, then it was all good.  Of course, it did spike my anxiety a little bit….grrrrrrr.  That required a visit to the local marsh to see the baby ducks!

I’ve made a decision that the remainder of my races this year would be shorter distances.  5k and 10k races to work on my form and speed.  That leaves more time for me to enjoy my running and the summer months ahead.  Early morning runs will be placed back in my calendar and weight training scheduled in the evenings.

You said next race?

I sure did!

I am running a 10k on Canada Day.  The Epic Canadian is a local race I have yet to run, but I am familiar with the route.  Some of my local Twitter peeps will be there and I heard there is cake and sno cones afterwards.

I will run anywhere for food, lol.

2016 EPIC Canadian Course 10K
Photo of race route courtesy of

Sprint Triathlons?? 

Yes.  I am considering these in my future.

But I need to do some things before I take on a swim/bike/run combo.

I need to learn to swim again.  I can swim to save my life, but for technique and form, I need to take lessons.

Also, extra gear will be required:  a road bike, shoes, swimsuit/cap/goggles, etc.

For now, I will focus on the swimming aspect.  Maybe lessons in the fall.
That’s where things are at now!
What’s new with you?  Summer Plans?
Feel free to share 🙂