BlueNose Marathon 2016 – Half Marathon Playback!!!


I am totally dying here.

It was a greyish cool day for running.  Perfect weather.

I played it safe with my usual coffee and oatmeal combo.  My nerves were ON FIRE.  It was super hard to eat.  I thought I was going to barf.  For real.

I had everything laid out, so gearing up and heading out was super easy.

I hopped on the public limo, along with a few other runners, and listened to my “Race Day Jams” playlist to psych myself up for the race.

Once I was down there, my nerves eased up.  The atmosphere on Race Day is wicked amazing.  I ran into one of the Clayton Park Runners on my way in and we had a quick chat before we both went up into the Scotiabank Centre.

I hung out and waited for my BRF so we could check our bags and gear up.  I fuelled with Cherry Lime Nuun and Chocolate Chip Clif Bar.  I had my trusty Brooks Glycerin 13s on my feet 🙂

Every single volunteer associated with an event as this are WONDERFUL.  They make everything run like a well-oiled machine.

Because my nerves were shot, I forgot my Garmin in my bag!  Good thing I had my phone with Strava ready to rock and roll.

My BRF and I decided a while before the race that we would get with the 2:15 Pace Bunny.

I am glad we did, she was awesome.  We did go out fast, but her plan was to bank us time for Point Pleasant Park and the HILL OF DEATH.  (Yes, there are a few hills along this race route, but PPP has the sloggiest one!)

Blurry me! Just after we started.

My Twitter friend Sarah caught me around the 5km mark.  I saw her on the sidelines and yelled at her, lol.  She got this picture of me.


We had a great group running with the 2:15 Pace Bunny.  We laughed and talked and had a great time.  We actually caught up to the 2:10 Pace Bunny on Devonshire. Our group can be seen in the BlueNose Video on YouTube around 9:57 underneath the MacDonald Bridge.

I was very lucky to see so many Twitter friends and other people I knew along the race route.  It made such a big difference.  I am also grateful for every single person that stood/sat along the race route cheering us all on.  It really makes a difference to those of us running, especially when we start to tire.

I made it through Point Pleasant Park relatively unscathed.  We were able to walk up the hills and save up what energy we could.  I felt strong coming out of the Park.  I knew I was getting a little tired, but with most of the race behind me, I knew I could keep going.

I fuelled a little too late in the race and had some nausea around 19ish kms.  I told my BRF to go and took a walk break until it subsided (a deal we struck previously – if something happened to one of us, the other would keep going).  I picked it back up at the 20km mark and ran like I was on fire.  Every step hurt.  My lungs cried and I thought I was going to throw up.

Running down Brunswick Street is a surreal experience.  Every single person is cheering you on.  They are calling out your name, pushing you forward.  I put my head down and ran.

It was not a PR, but pretty damn close (2:12:20).  Two minutes over my last half time two years ago.  Not too shabby for an old broad 😉

I wanted my first half after surgery and recovery to be here, at home, in Halifax.  I am glad I did.  It felt great to pull this out with people I knew and a city that loves BlueNose Marathon Weekend 🙂

As I recover today, I am now trying to choose my next race!  I think I will keep to shorter distances for the rest of this race season.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.  Can’t wait to share my next race with you!!