My Last Long Run = One Week Out from Bluenose Marathon Half 2016


Where in the hell did all this time go?

This time next week I will be done.  Finished.  Full of food and naps.

Today was the last long training run.  I was given the all clear to run outside as I have been banished to the elliptical as we treated my calf strain flare up.

My BRF and I did 13km on the BLT here in Halifax.  It was cloudy/sunny and warmish, so the bugs were out.  I probably ate quite a few…unintentionally.  But the coolest part about today’s run:  about 10kms in, two deer came down from across the highway and ran out in front of us across the trail!  They were speedy, so there was no time to grab my phone.  But it was AWESOME.  A sign of good luck for sure!!

Post 13k – Legs feeling good!

A nice easy run. A happy Mama 😉

Of course, the first few kms were gross, as per the usual.  

So, what is this “walking like JLO” thing?

Walking like JLO (as per my Chiro’s recommendation) is paying off!  It seems that my glutes were firing AFTER my hammies, not by much, but that is not how it is supposed to work. (I have been saying “Walk like JLO” in my head all week, hahahahaha.)  With the adjustments I’ve been having and my recent massage, I felt really good on my run today.

What is the game plan for this week?

This week will be all about the gym and the elliptical.  I want to be proactive with this calf of mine.  So I am living in my compression gear today, possibly tomorrow if I find myself a little tender.

It will also be the mental game this week.  Need to keep myself on the ball.  Fighting the inner doubt machine will be a struggle, even on race day.  I just have to remember that it is just like every long run.  Enjoy it.  Feel it.  And run MY race.

So keep your eyes on this space next Sunday/Monday.  My race review will be here, with lots of pics and vids.

Run happy!