The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training – Checkin In and Some TMI

So Here We Are…

20 days out.

2 long runs left.

During my 16k on the BLT
It has to be said:  I was feeling SUPER NERVOUS after the plague and the calf strain about my runs.  I was even considering pulling down to a 10k because I wasn’t sure what my body could handle.
After yesterday, I am feeling SUPER PUMPED about this half.  I felt great yesterday at the end of my long run with my BRF Kara.  I wore my compression socks, I had Nuun in my water bottle and took a Clif Bar for my energy.
We also both commented on how great we felt coming back as opposed to heading out.  This bodes well, as usually it is the opposite for me and I want to either nap or die at 16k.

Also, fueling up with a PB Parfait from DQ the night before – WIN 😉
We made pretty good time for our long run, considering we felt like we slogged through the first half.  I also had to pee 3kms in on the trail, in the woods.  So that was my walk break, hahaha. (Note to Self:  Always take Kleenex in your pack.)  So no more orange juice AFTER my coffee and oatmeal.
My legs are doing okay today.  I have my compression sleeves on and eating all the foods 😉
Next weekend is 18k, then we are down to 13k the weekend before the race.
Keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather!
So, now I am going to ride this wave of feeling awesome.  Look out 21.1kms!
Crazy Mama out 😉