Calf Strain, Compression Sleeves, and Recovery

The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training:  Calf Strain, Compression Sleeves and Recovery

Thinking Face:  On
I’ve been all over the place lately.
Physio, work, small runs and workouts.
My motivation waxes and wanes, even though I have a half marathon coming up.
I think a lot during my physio appointments.  Even when she is dry needling my calf, lol.  It is my first dry needling experience (I have had acupuncture before, for my IT band).  I am a big convert!
A visit to my RMT last weekend also played a big part in my return to running this week…even though he did beat my leg up 😉
I swing my right hip out more than my left.  He hurt my hips too.  But he rocks, so I take it all in stride.  The end result is worth the pain.

Thinking.  About what??

At one point, I had considered pushing my distance back.  The “You Can’t Do This” voice was strong.  Sometimes, that voice is hard to fight.  I told it to frig off.
Then my thoughts went to prevention.  How can I NOT get hurt again before my race in May after my physio and massages?  (Outside of keeping my fitness regime intact, of course.)
Answer:  Compression.  I have socks.  I was wearing them for recovery.  Now I am wearing compression when I run.   I have also purchased compression calf sleeves.  This way I can wear my regular socks while I have my sleeves on under my pants 🙂
Before my knee injury in 2014, I really didn’t give a thought to compression.  None.  I trudged along after my runs and races.  Now that I have been wearing compression, I wonder how I got along all those years without it!!!  My legs feel better, and it puts my mind at ease.

So, the recovery/race mission?

My pretty Brooks Glycerin 13s
I ran my longest distance in a while yesterday.  6kms.
Compression socks on.  Ran with Clayton Park Runners.
I tried to not think about my leg while I ran.
This made me think MORE about my leg while I ran, lol.
Both of my legs/hips are sore today, even with stretching and yoga.  But the compression is making SUCH a difference in my run recovery.
I feel good.  I felt good running yesterday.
So the plan is:
  • Down to physio once a week now.
  • Run slow and long.  Endurance is key.
  • Fuel properly.
  • Sleep well.
  • Strength train.
  • Remind myself what I am capable of.
Sounds easy enough.
What are your tips and tricks for squishing YOUR “You Can’t Do This” voice?  It doesn’t need to be fitness related.  Can be anything.
Let’s share ’em.  We can all use a little help in that department 🙂