The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training – In Limbo

Limbo looks like that…

If you read my last post, you know my last run ended with a pull and some pain.
Thankfully, I have not torn anything in my calf.  I have some tib post and some pulled muscles.
My PT did an assessment, some ultrasound, dry needling and TENS with heat.  I was given home exercises and I have been sticking to them.  I was told NOT to stretch until Friday (this was on Wednesday) and when I did start, it was to be gentle stretching.
No running.
No running until I see her Tuesday.
I know I’ll be fine for my training.  She assures me I am fine.

(There is always a but, and you can’t tell me you didn’t see it coming.)

I am very indifferent towards this situation.  I think I have to be.  If not, my depression and anxiety would be all up in my business.
Don’t think it hasn’t been lurking.  It has.  I have just been keeping myself busy.  Core work, reading, crocheting, and meditation.  The less time I have to sit and think, the better.

That is crucial for me.  The more time I have to think, the worse the situation will become (in my mind, anyway) and I will start to obsess over my calf and I would research the injury and think of all the ways I could get better faster, or how I could improve my stride.  THEN, well then I would think while I was running.  Overthink.  That is not why I run.  I run to clear my mind, not fire it up into overdrive.
The one thing I have done is order compression sleeves.  I plan on wearing them during my runs.  A little proactive measure on the advice of an experienced marathoner 😉
So, cross all available body parts that I am up and running again soon! 

Anyone else injured out there?  If so, I hope you too are able to lace up and head out again in the very immediate future!