Post Plague, Burger Week, and a Pulled Calf


Post Plague Amy had a couple of runs during the week with some gym time. Easing back into it.  I am loving my new Brooks Glycerin 13s 🙂

The weather has been dicey here, but I lucked in with my timing.  Lots of core work and some legs/glute work (deadlifts anyone?).

Ahhhhhh Burger Week

The week when restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia, make some delicious burger offerings for us food lovers.  There are also burger combos with a portion of the combo donated to the local food bank!  TeenThing and I have had 3 so far.  I’ve been posting them in Instagram.  So good. Sooooo gooooood.

Pulled Calf??

Yes, at the end of my 5km run on Sunday I felt a pull.  By the time I got out of the bath I was limping *insert large sad face emoticon here*.  I pulled on my compression socks and put that calf on ice. Good thing:  no bruising.

Today I can walk without limping, but I am getting this looked at.  Still a good amount of time out from my race, so I am not freaking out.  Yet 😉

(Note:  When I saw the Doc last week, she gave me a note for physio.  Just in case.  Blargh!)

So, March and I aren’t getting along right now, lol.