Those 10 Days I Didn’t Run

Yes, 10 Days…

I came down with what is being called “The Plague”.  Chest/head cold and lethargic.  Just downright GROSS.

It all started with my Mom….then TeenThing…..then ME.
Kicked my ass. 
There was no way I was running.  None.  Especially with the chest cold.  So there really isn’t much more to say about the week that wasn’t 😉  I stayed home for the worst and then introduced myself back into the work environment.
I am lucky that I started my training in January, and that my base has been built.  My training plan has afforded me the opportunity to run easy for a week after The Plague and then jump back into my schedule.
Don’t get me wrong, I was anxiety filled the whole time.  I mean it’s MARCH.  I run my half in MAY.  It may seem like a lot of time, but it really isn’t.
I am still not 100% heading into week 2, but feeling so much better.  Since I was done with the coughing and the hacking, I designated today as “get back to it day”.  I ran approximately 3kms.  A little too fast, but I was glad to lace back up, especially in my NEW KICKS!

*Insert Angelic Music Here*
I picked up my Brooks Glycerin13 sneakers on Friday during my long lunch.  I also picked up some Smartwool and Balega socks 🙂  I have run in Swiftwick socks before, but needed to try out some other options.

Today I ran in my Smartwool socks (and capris!) and really enjoyed that my feet were not cold, nor did they get super hot.  Will try out the Balega socks later.
That’s really it for this week my friends.  Come back next week for something a little more exciting!

Run Happy 🙂