Running and Pink Ice Energy

A Little Fitting.  The Weather, That Is…

For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember a post I made earlier this week, about running in warm weather.
This is Mother Nature’s Revenge.  But very fitting to go along with my review this week.
I haven’t run since Thursday.  I am in the “in between” with a head/chest cold (thanks Mom and TeenThing).  Fighting it as hard as I can.  So today’s weather didn’t really cause me any issues.  I have my base built, so missing some days is not going to derail my training.

Okay, so what is this Pink Ice Energy?

I was contacted a week ago and offered some samples of Pink Ice Energy to review.
I am an information hound, and was provided with the details of what is in Pink Ice Energy, and happily accepted the opportunity to test the product out.
I received a fantastic package in the mail with some extra goodies 🙂  (Thanks guys!)
I am loving the hat AND the infuser!
When it came to testing the product out, I tried to NOT think about it.  I took it as it is, a dietary supplement.  The packages are great to throw into your bag.  I am bad for remembering my vitamins, so it was great to have one of these around 🙂
[As always, before taking any dietary supplement, read the liner sheets and get the advice of your doctor.  This product is for ages 18 and over.  You take 1 packet per day.]
When I had my first packet, I was like, “Pop Rocks!”.  It snaps and pops once you have it in your mouth!  You let it dissolve and it gives you some minty breath afterwards 😉  
(The pop rock sensation did take me back to my childhood, lol.)
I carried on with my day, worked my regular 9-5, did my run at lunch and headed home.  Had supper, did my puttering around the house.  Felt good!
The next day was my long run day.  I went through my usual morning routine, having a packet of Pink Ice Energy after breakfast.  I did 12ish kilometres (11.9, lol) that day and after I stretched, showered and snacked, we headed out to the Mall.  Usually I would require a nap on long run days, like not too long after I get home.  I made it until after supper before I got a little nappish, lol.

With a couple of ladies from Clayton Park Runners 🙂

Come Monday morning, the regular chaos of the work week resumed.  I forgot to throw a packet in my bag.  I had a lunch run planned and had to squeeze that in as it was a busy one.  I ran.  I hit my old 3:00pm wall. 

Forgot it again on Tuesday (d’oh!) and hit Spin Class.  Tuesday was busy.  Hit my 3:00pm wall.

Wednesday was my rest day.  I actually remembered my packet, lol.  Had a busy day.  Did not hit the 3:00pm wall.

Thursday was my last run this week.  Had a great run, but man it was WINDY.  That was TeenThing’s first day home with the plague. She was full on plague by Friday morning.

(That’s when I got the heavy feeling in my chest. Friday morning. So a few extra rest days for me!)

I can say the following about Pink Ice Energy, as a mom and as a runner:

  • Pop Rock sensation.  Took me back to my childhood!  lol
  • Did have a minty after effect.  Cool, fresh breath.
  • I found I had extended energy, not just a boost.  As a working/running mom, this is great.  Usually when I get home (or sometimes on the bus home), I want a nap.  Not so much on the days I had Pink Ice Energy.  Being skeptical of energy products, this was a nice surprise.
  • No “come down” at any point of the day.  No sluggishness at any point later in the evening, and I went to sleep with no issues.
Want to try it out for yourself?
You can get your free sample here:

(Please note that when you sign up you will have to wait a few more weeks to receive their samples (The product is launching in Canada in April and they will soon receive their Canadian packaging.  20% off your first order too!).
Come back again next week, because I need to update you on my training!