Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bar Review!

A Little Break in my Chronicles…

So we can talk about Hemp Heart Bars!

(A little disclaimer here:  I was provided these bars for a review.)

A while back I wrote about Hemp Hearts.  Which I love. Those little suckers are awesome.
So, when the opportunity to review these bars came, I was all over it!
As a mom and a runner, I am always looking for something to “get me by” after my runs or workouts OR something to grab prior to my runs or workouts.  (I am known to grab a quick sandwich or scarf down some raw veggies beforehand.  But both of those are not exactly portable!)

It just wanted to jump into my gym bag!
Now, for those of you who have issues with food texture, these may not be for you.  They are compacted bars of hemp heart, which means a bazillion little hemp hearts. If you regularly eat protein bars, then you will notice quite a difference in texture.  Where protein bars are dense, these bars are light and easier to eat.  (Each bar (45g) contains 10g of plant-based protein and 10g of omegas.)
My “OMG I left it really late to go to Costco” face.
I was given an apple cinnamon and chocolate as my review bars, and I must say, I enjoyed the apple cinnamon much more than the chocolate (insert shocking music here)!  They are filling, and can get you through the post workout to actual meal time no problem.
I had my apple cinnamon bar before one of my lunchtime training runs.  It was easy on my stomach and provided me with what I needed to get my kms in without being ravenous afterwards.  I had the chocolate bar before I ran errands and it kept me sane (read:  less hangry) as I shopped my way through Costco!  (Costco can be a scary place!)
So, if you are looking for something light, but filling, I would definitely recommend these bars.  They can be thrown in your gym bag or in your purse and are great to keep you moving through a workout or when you are out doing all your “mom” stuff!
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