The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training – Week 4

So Far, So Good….

Week 4.  23 kms.
I had some great runs this week.  It is also my last week with Mondays off.
Saturday was a wash running wise.  It was a day of running errands and yoga.  I don’t beat myself up for days like those.  Especially this Saturday, because I FINALLY got fitted properly for sneakers.  Have to wait for them, but WOOHOOO!  Luke and his staff at Aerobics First are WONDERFUL.
I keep reminding myself I am not an elite runner.
I am a runner that has recovered from knee surgery, ran a 5k in the fall and said – Half Marathon!  FTW!
I stick to my training plan as much as humanly possible, knowing the limits of my body.  Knowing when I need to back off and knowing when I can push it just that little bit over my threshold.

Sunday was 5 miles with The Goonies!
Tuesday saw me pull out 3 miles at lunch.


I was able to get outside on Thursday at lunch – had a great run!

Friday was COLD.  My phone stayed INSIDE for the 3 miles, lol.  These are my feet pre-run 😉

I have to admit, I am finding it harder these days to get motivated.  This time of year can be hard.
Depression and anxiety are like little “me” voices in my head.  One telling me “No big deal, you can run another time.  You’re not THAT great of a runner.  Won’t make a difference really.” and the other immediately contradicting that saying “If you DON’T run, you’ll stop and NEVER run again! You’ll fail and everyone will be disappointed.”
This is partially why I try to run as much as I can outside.  I need the air, to see myself moving forward.  Hibernating in the winter is my first instinct.  Cover myself up and make the cocoon.
So, even though I may NOT make the miles I need to on the days I run, I take the victory on the days I do.  I also take victories on the days I don’t make it to my training miles.  Why?  Because, I need to be proud of getting out there and DOING IT.
I’ve said it before in a few posts:  Mental illness hurts.  It can shut your body down.  The more I move, the more I get outside and connect with the environment, the better off I am in the long run.
I AM running for me after all.
No one else.
For MY voice to be heard.
For MY health.
For MY sanity.