The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training – Week 3

Some Knotty Glutes!

That’s right.  My ass was in knots.

So much so that my lower back hurt.  Quite a bit actually.

I didn’t run on Saturday.  I did yoga, stretching and some foam rolling.




But I Did Have a Good Week!

Sunday was snowy but I felt AWESOME!

We’ve had some strange weather.  Snow and then some okay days.

Tuesday was CRAZY windy! Nice and sunny, but Wooooo!

Once we hit Thursday, it rained…..and rained until Friday night.  So I opted for the treadmill at lunch.

Thursday was a 5km run at the gym at work.
3 miles on Friday….I had a great meal at The Keg later 🙂

There was a staff event put on by my place of employment.  We have it every year……KEG NIGHT.  We eat and eat.  I had a great meal!  Yay steak!  After I got home the rain had started to change over to freezing rain.  Big mess.

And Then……Saturday

When I say I had a knots in my glute, I mean I had KNOTS.

Nasty.  Foam roller and I had it out.

Now, if this was me a few years ago, I would have been like….MUST RUN….AT ALL COSTS.

Now that I am older and wiser.  I knew I had to take care of the situation to be able to keep running without any further issues.

I am building my base right now, which means a day taking care of my body is not compromising my training.

So, I was pretty close to running a half this week with total mileage.  I am totally good with that!

New kicks are in order this week, which means a trip to Luke at Aerobics First 🙂

C’mon back next weekend, not only to check out my new sneaks, but to see if we really DID get the kickass storm they are talking about Monday night into Tuesday!