The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Still Alive!!

Sore, and questioning everything, but STILL ALIVE.  lol

Time to invest in trail shoes…
I took one day off this week to get some stuff done to make sure I stay healthy on this journey to my first Half in FOREVER.  This ended up in my favour, as it was the day we had our rain to snow dump.
This week had it’s challenges, as I truly thought I could keep my own pace without using the Garmin to keep me on track.
I was all over the place dammit.  Breathing heavy and plodding along like I had to race home because it was on fire.
But I got my runs done, and learned to reset.

Day 1 of Week 2

I also learned where to start my runs so that I ended up close to home.  When you cool down, you COOL DOWN, lol.  (Hot baths/showers and hot chocolate after these runs were ESSENTIAL!)
12.1 miles for this week.  A little off from the plan, but I am good with that.  This week is a steady 4 miles each day (today was 3 miles running with a 1 mile cool down to get used to the virtual pacer) Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
I turned on the virtual pacer because I was going too fast for my “easy runs” – which right now is EVERY run.  I need to remember I am building mileage and endurance.  The pacer made a big difference today and I was able to tackle hills appropriately without having to walk most of the way.  Yay me!

Day 2 was my shortest distance – so a run at lunch 🙂
Third Run – Almost smooshed by a car….GAH.

Fourth Run – Ran with Clayton Park Runners – Snowy as all get out!

My Saturday run was done with a new group – Clayton Park Runners.  Small, but mighty 🙂  Since we were running on snowy (some not ploughed) sidewalks and trails we paced accordingly.
Running this winter has made me really appreciate the sport that much more.  I am feeling it in muscles I have never felt it in before, lol.  Also, running UP snowy inclines…woooooo.  Doing yoga is making SUCH a difference as an add on to my training!
(I am seriously investing in some trail shoes and warmer layers in the next while.  Increasing mileage will require an upgrade, lol.)
So, I have to say I am more confident going into this week.
C’mon back next weekend!  I can’t wait to share my progress with you 🙂