The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training – Week 1

And so, it begins…Run #1

My training weeks go from Sunday to Saturday.
I was down for 10kms broken down between Thursday and Saturday.  I ended up doing close to 9km.
Thursday was a GREAT run!  It was cold as all get out, but I was layered sufficiently and had a route planned out.
It was my very first run outside, post December,…EVER.
I was hella tight on Friday, using muscles I haven’t used and not used to running in the snow….with some dodge and weave action, lol.  Running with snow….interesting.  Note:  More stretching required.

No, I was NOT robbing any stores…

Also, first run with my Garmin!

It was snowing – so pretty

Saturday: Run #2

Well, today wasn’t as awesome as I wanted, close to 4kms.
I was too fast out of the gate. Ran hunched over.  That made my lower back sore.  Just not my best run.
But, I ran.  Better than no run.  (There was a break just before I ran up the trail to stretch out my back.)
The difference between now and from years past was that I knew when I was done.
I didn’t push it.
Got home and had a good stretching session.
Then came coffee and a hot shower. 
Sweat Frost!  Woop!

I love my Garmin!

Clear sidewalks make awesome runs 🙂

All in all, I am pleased with the first “week” (aka: two days, lol).
Tomorrow starts a full, action packed week of running awesomeness.
C’mon back next Saturday for a play by play of how a full week of training may or may not have killed me 😉