Countdown to Half Marathon Training – Blue Nose Marathon 2016

Nervous is an understatement…

So nervous that I miscalculated the the beginning date of my training plan when putting it in my calendar.  Oops!
I had myself starting on January 14th.  When I was finishing up the calendar entries I noticed that I was ending the week BEFORE the Blue Nose…..GAH!
So, this week I will redo the plan and get an extra week in at the gym and do some running outside (after both storms pass this week – eeep!).

More winter running….outside……this year!!


But you’ve run this race before RIGHT?!?!

Yeeeeeeessssssssssssss.  But it’s been 3 years.
I know once I start a regular training plan I will be fine.  It’s the getting started part that is the problem, hahaha.
This time around, I am following the Hansons Half Marathon Method.  It’s usually my legs that are the issue when I hit the last 5kms or so of a Half.  This plan will get me used to cumulative fatigue.  I am coupling this with strength training and yoga to round it out.
I have already started my yoga and strength training.  At the end of a 7 Day Bad Yogi Challenge this week.  Also doing The Year of Yoga. Starting back to a regular yoga practice has really brought attention to how tight my body is.  OWIE!

I have calculated my required food intake to start training at my current weight and will do some intense grocery shopping this week.  I will be logging some serious kms with this plan and need the fuel to keep this body pumping.  Look out Costco!
So from now until May 22nd be prepared for “The Chronicles of Half Marathon Training” by Yours Truly!!!