Why I am NOT making Resolutions for 2016….

I Decided to Take a Different Approach.

This year, I am making Intentions for 2016.

5 of them.

Wanna know what they are?

Here you go!

My 5 Intentions for 2016:

  1.  I intend to meditate daily.
  2.  I intend to create a solid yoga practice.
  3.  I intend to bring more peace into my life.
  4.  I intend to forgive myself more.
  5.  I intend to run more.

There you have it.

I am also carrying over my “give zero fucks” view on life into next year too.  Because really, we all need to do the stuff that makes us happy.  

When we are happy, we radiate that to everyone around us.

So radiate all over the place!!!