Look Out 2016!! I AM COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Weekend I Put a Training Plan in my Calendar…

I decided that the remainder of 2015 would be used to get back into a regular workout/running schedule.  So much to do between now and the Christmas Holidays that I didn’t want to commit to anything that I may not be able to follow through on.
I then set my sights on 2016.

What did I want to do?  Lots of races?  Some halfs and then lots of smaller distances?
A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so I hunkered down and decided the Scotiabank BlueNose Marathon (Half) would be my first BIG race of 2016.
I have always been half-assed about a training plan and kind of did a “pick and choose” approach, so I decided that this time I needed to follow an actual PLAN.  I had purchased the Hansons Half Marathon Method while I was gimped up and really got into the read.  The approach seems totally doable for me and I will be getting some good mileage in.  I have sat down and converted the miles to kilometres to make my life easier, lol.  
Will be buckling down soon to plan out my eating for this time period as well.  Proper fuel is required if I am to be successful!

I will be reuniting with my BRF this weekend as we get some recreation/catch up kilometres in.  And we have SO MUCH to catch up on!  This makes me super happy.
The BlueNose is later in May (Victoria Day Long Weekend here).
Yes, I start training mid-January.
Yes, I will try to run outside as much as I can.
Yes, I will be running on a treadmill (This does not bother me as much as it does with other people.  I will run where and when I need to, because it is my sanity).
Yes, you will see lots of “Prepping for the BlueNose” blog posts.  (These will be coupled with “WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING” blog posts through the lovely season known as winter.)
This also means I need to start utilizing my technology on a regular basis.  So I will be utilizing Strava for this specific purpose.  I’ve been a slacker with recording my workouts, so I will be planning some time each evening to get this done 🙂
You’re excited too, I know you are 😉
So, let’s hang out some more for the remainder of 2015 and then prepare for an awesome and bumpy ride in 2016!