Crazy Mama RAN!!!!!!!!!! The First Race in 2 YEARS!

Yes, you read right.  I RAN on October 24th!

A while back I signed up for the BLT 5km Fun Run/Walk out in Timberlea, Nova Scotia.  I needed to sign up for something to keep me going, and decided 5km was a good start.
This run is an out and back from the BLT Elementary School and most of the run is on a gravel trail.  This trail is super familiar to me because I have done many runs on this trail prepping for races in the past.
I did my mini carb load the night before (hello PIZZA!) and carried myself off to bed after midnight (oops).
I had no problem waking up.  None.  Excitement/Adrenaline had me awake well before my alarm went off!
Got myself some oatmeal, coffee and sat down to plan the race outfit de jour 🙂
It was chilly, so layers were in order.  Not too many though.  Pants for sure.
I dressed right away so I had no time to overthink anything.
I arrived early enough to pick up my race kit and ran into some of my friends, including Peter, who was volunteering 🙂  I also ran into my PT from knee surgery recovery, lol.  What are the odds??

Peter was excited to see me running again!**

I stayed inside the school and waited with some of the other runners until it was close to “go time” because it was chilly.

Then, out I went.

And stood mid pack.

Talked to my Twitter FitFam friend Myles and his lovely wife for a minute, just to shake the growing anxiety and remind myself that I AM A RUNNER, lol.
Then, the voice from the loudspeaker made the announcements, I was surrounded by runners, heard the word “GO” and off we went!
There I am – Top Far Right!  GO AMY GO!!!!!!!!!!
Now, previous races, I would have shot out of there like a cheetah.  But, having learned from this lesson (during the Valley Harvest 10km where I went out like a cheetah and wanted to barf my guts out halfway), I just kept a nice slowish pace to get myself warm.
I caught up to Myles’ lovely wife just after 1km and we ran for a bit until her walk break.
Then, I was SOLO.
I picked up my pace a bit and passed a few people.  Stopped for a minute because I picked it up a little more than I should, lol.  Then I decided to find someone that had a decent pace (by feel) and stayed a bit behind them for the next couple of kms.
I reached the turnaround point feeling good.
Then I saw the 3km marker and lost it.


I had the moment I though I would have at the end.  The “HOLY CRAP I AM RUNNING IN AN EVENT” moment.
But crying and running don’t really mix, mostly because you can’t see, so I stopped for a minute, wiped my eyes and kept going.
The last km has a hill.  BLECH.
I walked up that hill.
Because ME.
And then, the last 500m I put the pedal to medal and came in like a FREAKING GAZELLE:


Super happy.

I was lucky to get a photo with my peeps afterward who were there to see my first race in forever!

Time:  30mins 47secs.


Now, I am attempting to plan out what my 2016 Race Calendar will look like.

And how to get that 30 mins to 25 or under, lol.

Look out world.  I’M BACK!!!!

**Thanks to Paul Wesson Photography for taking the wicked awesome Race pics!