And Then I Got Sick

Yes, sick.

Coming off my BlogJam high I went into work on Monday.
It came and went with it’s usual routine.

Then Tuesday.  Tuesday I woke up and felt like a slug.  Dragged my butt into work and made it through the day.

What time did I get to bed?  8:35pm.
Like a BOSS.
Needless to say I was laid out Wednesday and Thursday with sinus pressure and total grossness.  No physical activity was had last week.

The cats were checking in on me constantly.

Time to re-evaluate…

So, because I have a mental illness, there are times that my immune system is not at it’s best.  I mean, depression and anxiety = long term stress.  So the days leading up to my first speaking engagement, they were some super stressful days.  Exciting stress, but stress all the same.
As I took care of myself those two days I was at home I started to think of my food, hydration, meditation and wondered if I needed something else to bolster my immune system so that I would not be as easy to infect.
I decided to go back on a multivitamin.   A women’s multivitamin, because let’s face it, I am over 40 😉

Now I know what some people think.

You need to sweat that shit out.  Sweat out those germs.
Putting extra stress on my already weakened immune system?  Sorry, not an option.
I learned a looooooong time ago, when TeenThing was a wee one, that pushing through being sick is not always a good thing.
When she was just over a year old, I ended up in the hospital for a week.  My body was in shut down mode.  They had no idea what was wrong with me.  To this day, there is still no explanation as to what was wrong.  I was jaundiced, fatigued, and I hurt.  I was in isolation for the first few days.  They took 6 vials of blood every morning.  I saw so many different doctors and they wanted biopsies, yuck (which did not happen – yay).  Finally, I just started to feel better and was able to go home (in a raging snowstorm, but taxis were out and I was NOT staying in there any longer than I had to!).

Lesson:  My life, my body, my child, are the most important things.  When you are sick, rest dammit. 


And hey, getting better means apple picking baby!


I’ve said it before, self care ROCKS.  Not only mental self care, but physical self care as well.  Being a person is hard these days.  We need to remember that just because the world is going a gazillion km per hour doesn’t mean WE have to keep that pace.
So if you are sick, take care of yourself.  We have sick days for a reason.  Not using them is not going to win you any brownie points.  Same with exercise/training.  Taking a couple of days to rest is not going to set you back so far that you will suffer any major setback.
Stay home.
Get better.
Then go and kick some ass.