As I Sit Here and Write This…

It is almost EXACTLY one week until my presentation at BlogJam 2015.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

October will hold two firsts for me.  The first being: I am stepping out my box, big time, doing this presentation.

If I look like this, just hug me….lol.

It is so very easy to sit here and type my blog posts.  No can see if I am crying or upset or happy as I type. Although I try to emulate my emotions in writing, you can never be 100% sure if what you are feeling can come through the way you want.

That is part of the miscommunication associated the written word.

I am hoping that, as part of my foray out of the survival box, and out from behind my keyboard, that I can provide a real account of my blogging experience as a newbie and share the story that brought me here WITHOUT falling apart….too much, lol.

The Second First?

Running a 5km race on October 24th.

That also has me very nervous.  Not the race part.  Just the fact that it is something I was unsure of this time last year.  Would I run again.  Not run again.

Just plain old anxious, lol.

So, hang on for the crazy ride known as October here in Crazy Mama’s world.

You’ll have my recap next week to let you know how my first first goes 😉

Until next time!