The Post About BlogJam 2015 and Recharging My Batteries

I am Presenting at a Conference!!

My very first time speaking outside of work related office talks…..sharing my story.  Mental illness, physical fitness and my bloggy journey.  It will be real.  It will be fun. It will be filled with lots of ME, lol. 
I am hella nervous.
I am hella excited.
I may bend ALL the paperclips!!!!
Sooooo, which conference?
This one:


So, if you are a Blogger, Wanna Be Blogger, or are interested in connecting with your fellow Bloggers on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, register soon!  It’s free! (You can make a small donation for coffee that is provided throughout the day to all conference attendees – I did, because we all know how much I love coffee!).  There will be some amazing presenters!!!

Fresh off a Long Weekend

Boy did I ever need the break.  It was good to get out of the familiar, everyday environment of home/work/gym/run and spend some time away from the city.
We did a roadtrip with my parents to beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. 
Both of my parents are from there.
We stayed with family and had such a good time 🙂  I ate what I wanted, had lots of java juice, family BBQ on Sunday and I started to learn how to knit socks. (It may take me 2 years to finish them….but… 
The pictures do not do this awesome part of the Province justice.  

So, where do you love to go to recharge YOUR batteries?  Doesn’t have to be a trip that takes you far. Day trips are great.  Long hikes are also wicked awesome.
Remember, we all need self care.  I forget this, a lot.
So book some time with yourself.  It’s totally worth it 🙂