The Post of Awkward Feet and Back to Running!


My Feet were VERY EXCITED to lace up 🙂  Happy Heart, Happy Soul!

My first run took me around the Marsh.

And by one of the ponds!

I started running on Monday of this week, setting up a schedule to run M/W/F mornings and strength train on my off days.  Hauling my behind out of bed at 5:45 am to get dressed, feed the cats and haul ass out the door.

Boy did it ever feel weird…..actually RUNNING.

I mean, it’s been over a year now since I seriously logged some kms.

I did run this time last year, but it was only for a couple of runs.  I was told NO RUNNING shortly after.  In hindsight, this was best as I was running with a piece of femur in my knee.  I mean, I knew it was there, but I had no idea how big it was at the time… 2cms big…..gah!

I am wobbly as all get out.  Have no idea how to pace myself anymore (insert BIG sad face here).  I take walking breaks to try and keep a good pace because I speed up and sound like I am dying….huffing and puffing.  Sheesh.  Trying to find my feet again is like a baby learning to walk.  I remind myself to look UP and straight (I tend to look down at my leg…..worrying about my knee, it’s fine…..I am so paranoid right now!  lol).  I remind myself to keep my stride shorter so I don’t heel strike. 
(And here I am telling people I run to clear my head…..that seems to be the last .7 kms of my run this week.)
Probably quite the sight in my neck of the woods as the sun rises.  
It’s good that I am running early in the morning where there is only me, the road/trail, some cyclists, dog walkers and the odd early morning runner. It keeps me motivated to keep going if there are not many people around my “running time” right now…hahaha.
(It’s good for me AND for others, as ‘Flailing Amy’ is best kept to a low spectator count until she starts running with her BRF and finally gets a GPS watch 😉  )

On Monday, I start all over again.  Maybe I will run the route in the opposite direction next week.  Strength training and yoga will be the fillers, maybe a Tuesday spin class.  Shake it up.  Keep it fun.
If you want to keep track of my new flailing running adventures, I am on Strava (and with the Another Mother Runner Group – #BAMR!) and will follow you back.  I love this Kudos thing!
The take away from this post is this:  I feel great.  My knee feels great.  I. AM. HAPPY.
Stay tuned for further #RunningWithAmy awesomeness/random blogginess coming soon!!