The Post Where We Show You How We #WannaPlay

Keeping the Family Active Can be a Hard Job.

In our fast paced lives we can get lost in over scheduling every single minute of our day.
We also have technology to deal with, which was basically non-existent when we were kids.  We would live outside, going “aaawwwwwweeeeee” when the bodiless voices of our moms would carry over the wind to corral us back to the house in the evening.
Being a single mom, working full time and raising a teenager, there are many days I find it hard to motivate myself AND TeenThing to be active.

When crunched for time, we walk or hike in our neighbourhood.  There is a great hiking trail not too far from our place!

Sometimes we drag Gramma along, and meet up with some four-legged friends!      
Our usual walking/hiking trail 🙂

+Canadian Tire has a great contest on right now to challenge families to get out and be active together.  The #WannaPlay photo challenge is going on RIGHT NOW and will continue until August 4th.  Every day on Twitter they will post the daily challenge.  All YOU have to do is get out, get active, take a photo/video, tag @CanadianTire when posting to Twitter (and Instagram!), use the #WannaPlay hashtag and you could win a $100 Gift Card daily 🙂  

You will also be entered to win the Grand Prize, a $1000 CT Gift Card!

Rules and regs can be found HERE

Also, be sure to check out the Canadian Tire Scribble Page HERE!   

I am very thankful to live on the East Coast where there are walking trails, hiking trails and an ocean, so this makes it easy and fun for us to keep active this summer (and all year round!!) 😉  So come on, let’s see how you #WannaPlay!!

Peggy’s Cove – it’s beautiful even in the fog! (And there are walking paths to stop and explore on your drive out, along with the SwissAir Memorial just down the road)


Love being near the ocean, so many beaches!


Halifax Waterfront – Definitely a favourite walking and running spot.