The Post Where I Talk About the Balance Between "Putting it Out There" and "Keeping Things Private"

Because Let’s Face It…

If I told you ALL of my life, ya’ll would definitely run away and hide, lol.

When I first started on this Blog journey (over a year ago, wow!), it was after some deliberation.  Wallowing in my “I can’t run because I am injured” state was NOT helping matters and I needed an outlet since I couldn’t run.
I wanted to be vocal about my mental illness and how my running was (and will be, come August 1st) a big factor to keeping myself focused.
My ex was a big part of the beginning of this blog.  He was an amazing support to me with respect to choosing a platform and encouraging me to write when I expressed a strong opinion about something during our conversations.  He is a part of why this blog is what it is today.  Thank you!

But…. I thought you loved sharing your story?

I do.
The big part of being vocal about anything you have a passion for on Social Media is keeping a part of yourself for you.  Learning to not “overshare” is a big lesson.
I think we all need to keep our own bubble of privacy for whatever WE decide to keep for ourselves.  If I were to share my very very very innermost thoughts and daily goings on, you’d be two things: scared of me AND annoyed, lol.  Being my brain is a hard job 😉

And I do love my followers!

I have met some amazing people on Social Media.  Through my blog, Twitter, Facebook, PodCamp.  I am very glad to call quite a few folks my friends.  
The running community has been a large support for me as I work my way back to starting to run again.
Connecting with other moms, especially the local crew, has been awesome.

I also love that I have so many people who get my anxiety and depression on Social Media.  This is great when I have insomnia or just need to talk about the funk I am in.  
Those who suffer along with me get it, and if we can lift each other up, I am all for it.  I think sometimes just knowing you are not the only one who is feeling or thinking a certain way can alleviate a little bit of the load off of the shoulders.
Because I know that I have an amazing Social Media family that will support me in whatever way I need, I do my best to reciprocate if needed.

Now that being said…

I share what I can about my struggles with both mental illness, physical fitness, and being a mom.  I try to keep private what I want to keep private.  Because life is life.  Sometimes it sucks and I don’t want to share the sucky parts.
So trust me when I say you are getting a large piece of me on Social Media.  I keep the yucky parts to myself, for everyone’s peace of mind, lol.

I hope that you continue to share what you can with me, with the interwebs, with the Twitter-ers, the FaceBookers.  
Because I think we have a great thing going here.