The Post Where I Need to Tell You Something…..

But First….Migraines

I had one of the most EVIL migraines in a very long time on Sunday.

It was a very yucky Sunday
It all started out with what I thought was a just a bad headache….but NO.  It turned on it’s hatred full strength.  Nausea, dry heaving, and all kinds of evil pain.  I had to take 2 of my migraine pills, which has not been the norm for quite some time.  There were many factors at play, but I had no idea they would culminate into superstorm PAIN.
I am thankful for V, as she looked after her Mom and hung out in bed to keep me (silently) company.
Needless to say, I am back to tracking triggers.

Okay….so SPILL IT

Well, as most of you know, I am able to start running in about a month.
Joining me on my journey will be V.  She is going to be a big part of my return, as she will be keeping me on task.

This will be great, not only because I can share what I love with my daughter, but because I am SCARED.

Of what?

Of hurting myself.  Of feeling pain.  Of hurting myself.

V’s “new to the sport” status will allow me to start all over again.  Which is what I really need to do.  
Slow and steady.  
My body will want to “go go go”, but my goal for my “second chance” will be to do it right.  Proper form, proper fueling and a consistent gym schedule for strength training will be paramount in my comeback.  
I have been a little obsessive with thoughts on fueling and the lot (thanks anxiety).  But taking a step back and focusing on keeping my body strong and my mind calm are important right now.
Also, thinking about running with my BRB is keeping me on the positive train 🙂

Before I go…..OMG LOOK, I AM FAMOUS!

All kinds of awesome up in here!!

That is me with some of my @RunAtCan crew and John Stanton during the Scotiabank BlueNose Marathon Expo here in May.  Can’t tell you how awesome this makes me feel!

Tomorrow is Canada Day here, so much fun will be had.  Happy 148th Canada!!

Also, to my American friends, have a fantastic 4th of July this coming weekend!

Party safely.  Party responsibly.

Until next time…..