Strength Training, Sole Sisters Race, and Life in General

And so it begins…

My strength training has started back up.  My body is like…WHOA, what are this?
I may have lifted a little too much this week, so I am going to have to rethink my upper body weights a little, lol.  Lower body weights are just right, and my legs feel good.  Getting some cardio in on the elliptical and rowing machine and working my core as well.

Lunchtime workouts -> Stress relievers!!
Having a gym in the office building is great!  It gets me away from my desk at lunch 😉

And this weekend, we volunteered!


This weekend was Sole Sisters Race.   This is a race I have yet to run, but after TeenThing and I volunteered yesterday, she is all up for running it with her mom next year! 
It was a very wet, rainy and chilly day, but 3200 women came out to walk and/or run with their moms, sisters, daughters and friends for what was a sea of purple tutu awesomeness.
Best part – the rain stopped before the race! 

(Note: we had a bus debacle and got soaked walking to the event, lol)

This tshirt is soooooo soft!

Look at all these tutus!

Thankfully the rain stopped!

And the start line filled up FAST!

Teen Thing and I working bag check!
It was a great day and great turnout!  I also ran into one of my @RunAtCan peeps and took a group photo for her!  But…..we forgot to take a pic with each other, lol.
They have added new distances for 2016.  If you are looking for a fun race to do with the ladies – check it out!!

What else is shakin’?

Well, I made it through the step down off my meds.  It was touch and go there for a while.  Some crappy stuff happened and I was able to deal with my newfound coping skills, so, all good!
** Not saying this is a “Woohoo my life will be med free” journey, because I am a realist, but for now I am okay.
TeenThing has shown some interest in running, so since I am basically going to be starting over she is going to tag along 🙂  This is good, because it will keep me on a plan and not go bonkers when I lace up.
So for now, that is what’s going down around here.

My FitBit?

I’m wearing it.  Not accepting any challenges.  Just seeing where it takes me.

So tune in next week….I’ll be keeping you in the loop about all things #crazymamaruns!