Not Gonna Lie…I’ve Been a Slacker

Yes, I’ve Been Absent…


It’s not because I haven’t wanted to write, because I have a gazillion things in my brain, but a lot of life has gotten in the way.

I have been flat out at work, and when I get home, I have enough in me to make supper, do “something” and then crash.

Not a fantastic or ideal scenario, but as a single mom, sometimes this happens.

That’s right….sometimes, life DOES get in the way!

This has also affected my physical fitness, which means less yoga (but I was still doing my physio exercises – because my comeback is looming!).

I noticed how much I was affected IN A BIG WAY when I went for my massage therapy last Friday.

I haven’t had a massage in well over a year (bad Amy) and when I came out of that deep tissue massage, I was a different person.

I didn’t hurt immediately.  But by 9pm, I was super sleepy and sore.  Not a bad sore, but a “holy-crap-I-was-so-tight-this-feels-weird” sore.

We worked on my “running parts” – so everything from my lower back down was out of commission, lol.  It took a couple of days for everything to come back, but I can tell a difference for sure.  He also gave me some stretches which are making a big difference as well.

So….when do you think you will be running again?


I have been “cleared” for August.  And that was me saying “August is good, right?” to my PT.

Not saying I won’t listen, but if I continue my strength training and start as a beginner, I am hoping to start a run/walk in July.  This is so I can include my daughter in my training and hopefully foster a love of running in her, as she has shown interest (woop!).

What about the gym?


This week has been a write off.  Two full day meeting with working lunches zapped me.  Small yoga shesh at home.  Wednesday was another day that I just had nothing and today, well I just wanted to get through today. 

My “Meh” Wednesday Face…

(TeenThing and I will be partaking in some sort of pilates/yoga/walk thing here shortly.)

Are these excuses?  No.

In my short past life as a personal trainer, I would have said yes.  But, being a human being managing her mental illness, these are not excuses.  Stress takes a toll and with the anxiety lurking, it can knock me down.  

I know that, for me, I need to take a step back and meditate, relax and sleep.  Physical activity sometimes, is just not an option.  My brain needs the step down.  My body will bounce back quicker.

What about your FitBit?


I know you are all wondering about it.

It is still on my dresser.

Will I wear it again?  Yes.

Next month?  Maybe.  We’ll see.

Now that I can confidently say it doesn’t define me as person, I will be comfortable putting it back on.

Comeback Race?


Deciding.  Once I get a good solid running foundation under my belt, I will be able to book something confidently.

I have some lined up.  So come back soon to see what I’ve got up my sleeve!