BlueNose Marathon Weekend 2015 Expo with #RunAtCan – #Giver!

A Long Weekend Calls for a Race

And here in Halifax, the “May 2-4” Weekend is the BlueNose Marathon Race Weekend!
This was my very first race as a runner, so I am a little biased as to it’s awesomeness.

I did this on a whim – and haven’t looked back.
Halifax is hilly, so if you want a flat race, you won’t get that here!  Just check out #BNMarathon2015 or @BlueNoseMarathon to see pics 🙂
I could not race this year, as I am only cleared to run in August, so I hopped on the Volunteer train and signed up to hand out the bling!




Race Expo

This year I was able to hang out with some of my super awesome Twitter fam at the Expo.  The Twitter Group @RunAtCan had a panel discussion on Social Media and Running.  The panel was great at sharing their experiences, their views on Social Media and what platform they found useful to connect with other runners.

Left to Right: Andrew Paris, Anna Sherwood, Andrew Chak and Paul Merrigan
Our Sunday Night #RunAtCan Twitter chats have grown from a small Atlantic Canadian group to folks from all over North America and beyond!  The #RunAtCan community is one I am proud to be a member of.  We have created a family, and I am very lucky to call these people my friends.

Group Shot with John Stanton 🙂  With Charlotte Flewelling and Durwin Brennan peeking out in the back.

Vancouver MARATHON Finisher Nicola!  Wheeeeeee!

Photobombed by that Paul Merrigan while getting a shot with Renee!

The awesome Krysten 🙂

The running community is amazing.  When I first started to run, I had no idea that there was this giant family of runners out there.  No matter what level you are at, there are always runners there to give you encouragement, advice and accolades.

Race Day

I was up a 5:15am.  And there was SOME light.  Forecast was calling for 60% chance of showers.

Layering up – it was a little chilly!

Arrived at the Scotiabank Centre for my shift and took a few quick shots of the runners heading up to the Start Line.


Here they come!

Look – my hand!  lol  And a little bit of rain…that’s Team Myles going up Carmichael!


You will definitely get an arm workout giving out the bling.  Some wicked bicep curls were going on for sure 😉  I worked with a fantastic group of people.  We cheered folks in and helped out some Marathoners walk down the hill into the Scotiabank Centre….yes, down the hill.  It rained a little bit at the start of the main races, but held off for the remainder!  Yay!

I was able to give SO MANY of my friends their medals, and I was able to meet SO MANY Twitter peeps!

Steph – YOU ROCK!
I have said it before, and I will say it again, if you have the chance VOLUNTEER!  You get to see the “inner workings” of a race and you get to give back to the running community.
Next year, I am running the BlueNose, and I am hoping to PB for the half (2:10 is my time to beat).  
To everyone that ran today, you all did AMAZING!  Congrats 🙂