Weight of the World….

And Why It Reminds Me to Refocus

I carry a lot on my shoulders.  Some of it is placed there by me.

I over think everything, obsessively.

Not being able to control my environment throws me into a tailspin sometimes.

So, until I am cleared to run (my ultimate stress reliever), I’ve been walking and packing my gym bag to shake off everything that has been weighing me downAlso, a heavy rotation of Silva Meditation. 

The elliptical is kinda like running!

Like a lot of moms, I place unrealistic expectations on myself.  I am probably my most harshest critic. 

We carry way too much, and need to give ourselves a break.  We CAN’T do it all.  And we should NOT feel bad about that.

Being able to workout gives me peace of mind and reminds me that I need to take care of myself!

Aren’t you sore from just jumping back in?

Heck ya!  Everything HURTS.  I am jonesing to run, so taking on the elliptical and rowing machine are my replacement…lol.  Hoping to have my strength training plan written up shortly so I can put it into rotation this week.


It’s going great!  I have started weight bearing exercises with my right leg, so we are making great progress.


Soooooooon.  Once I get the “yes, you can REALLY single leg weight bear” from Joel, look out!  LOL.  I really really really miss my hot yoga.

What’s on tap for this week?

Work (duh).

My usual Physio Appointments Tuesday and Thursday.

The last of the #JustPlankIt challenge.

This is killing me, but the brownie today helped, lol.

Gym time, and my walks.

So, if you are hooked up with MapMyWalk, let me know!  I just started tracking my walks…….yesterday, lol.